LibOpenMetaverse Release

The OpenMetaverse Ninjas have been busy. This release contains several bugfixes, new features and other improvements.

A full list of new features added and bugs fixed is available in the jira changelog

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Thanks to all the Testers, bug reporters, patch submitters and developers who contributed to this release!

Release Notes - libopenmetaverse - Version


  • [LIBOMV-475] - Duplicate AsemblyInfo causes compile to fail under Visual Studio

Release Notes - libopenmetaverse - Version 0.6.1


  • [LIBOMV-184] - First "single packet" asset upload blocks all subsequent asset uploads
  • [LIBOMV-466] - [PATCH] for Null Pointer in Primitive.GetHashCode when a Primitive has not yet received first properties update
  • [LIBOMV-467] - Overlapping PrimFlags
  • [LIBOMV-469] - GroupManager throws Exception if RequestCurrentGroups is called immediately after login
  • [LIBOMV-470] - [patch attached] OpenMetaverse/Helpers.cs: FloatToTerseString() screws up trying to trim trailing zeroes


  • [LIBOMV-450] - Improve CoarseLocationUpdate by tracking agent UUIDs
  • [LIBOMV-474] - OpenMetaverse.GUI Improvements

New Feature

  • [LIBOMV-180] - estatetools should upload terrain .raw files and terrain textures
  • [LIBOMV-465] - [PATCH] Allows users to supply PrimFlags when rezing a Prim
  • [LIBOMV-472] - Added CircularHashedQueue to OpenMetaverseTypes. Provides a circular queue with a hash-based Contains function, useful for ACK accounting
  • [LIBOMV-473] - Added TokenBucket to OpenMetaverseTypes. Provides a hierarchical token bucket for bandwidth throttling


  • [LIBOMV-468] - Update Tao OpenGL Wrapper to bindings
  • [LIBOMV-471] - Merge Trunk Features and Fixes into 0.6-devel for 0.6.1 Release